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Los Angeles Times
Giants fans party like it’s Marti Gras in a little water park
Jesse McKinley, May 12, 2011

… full of kids-at-Christmas smiles and all manner of flotsam and personal watercraft. …


San Francisco Chronicle
Clouds hold off as New Year arrives
John King, January 1, 2010

… drift as close to the barges as possible…


National Geographic Adventure
Urban Kayaking
Catherine Price, June/July 2009

… chances are you’ve seen at least one stranger navigating your metropolis in a kayak and wondered…


Los Angeles Times | Travel
Kayaking around the San Francisco Bay Area Paul McHugh, 5/15/2009

… No matter how often you immerse yourself in the bay’s charms, you’ll never wear out its options…


The Guardian, UK
Top 100 City Tips
City guide: Tours by Jeremy Morton
November 8, 2008

…three seals living near the bridge have been known to give dawdlers a gentle push with their noses.


Outside Magazine
Going Deep
October 2007
…bottom of the ninth, tying run on deck, and the soon-to-be most successful home-run hitter in history at the plate…


ABC News
Bonds Navy
August 2007

Boater’s Scramble to catch Barry’s Balls

Via Magazine, AAA Traveler’s Companion
San Francisco’s South Beach
June/July 2007

Long home runs splash-land in the bay, and you can try to catch one… at City Kayak.


Sierra Magazine
At Sea Level
May/June 2007

…San Francisco Bay is a paddler’s paradise too. Favorite spots include the city’s busy waterfront…


The Sunday Times, UK
The backseat driver’s guide to San Francisco
December 17, 2006

…if you fancy the three-hour adventure out to Alcatraz, you’ll need to do nine whole press-ups to prove that you haven’t got bingo wings.


McCovey Cove regulars await chance…

…the Cove will become safe harbor to a bizarre armada.


Where, San Francisco
Ring in the New Year, December 2006

… gaze at fireworks in duplicate as the glittering bursts are reflected in the bay.


National Geographic, Adventure
Play-by-Bay, October 2006

… paddle to one of four within-city-limits bay islands…


AirTrans Airways
On The Waterfront, May 2006

… Paddle out for a different view…


SF Weekly
Best of… 2006

… You’ll literally feel the vibrations from the explosions in the base of your boat…


San Francisco Chronicle
April 6, 2006

… make sure you tell the little ones to keep their eyes peeled — you never know when Bonds or another Sultan of Swat may send one your way.


where SF
April 1, 2006

… soaking in the sights and sound of the national pastime from a kayak…


The New York Times
March 3, 2006

… soaking in the sights and sound of the national pastime from a kayak…


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