Checklist for Paddling

Warm hat would be wise for an evening paddle in San Francisco.

What To Wear

Wind jacket for windy afternoon, sun glasses, sun hat, sunblock

Casual attire and comfortable old shoes

Warm hat for evening

Extra clothing or pants in case you get wet. 

San Francisco weather can be windy and feels cold even in summer. 

Shoes with heel padding is better than flip flops.

Motion Sickness Prevention

Avoid being hungry or hung over. 

Sparkling water, antihistamine, good meal hours before also helps.

If sensitive, take a preventive (prescription) patch, Dramamine(over the counter), or ginger(often served with sushi).

Giants Game Days

McCovey Cove kayaking is fun and loud. Large AM radio or headset will help you follow exciting moments inside the ball park. Sorry no alcohol is allowed. Bring extra sun protection and sun block. Dress for the occasion- you may be seen on TV.

Parking in the area would cost $20 to $30. Public transit is a good alternative.

Leave Valuables

San Francisco has been inundated with auto break-ins. Do not leave anything or bag visible in the car, even in parking buildings. Bags can be stored safely at City Kayak, either in the office or provided cubes.

Children And Pets

Children and pets may require additional time to get on the water. We provide life jackets from infant size and up. For dogs, x-small to X-large sizes are available.