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May Walk-in Rental Hours

Rental Hour03 11am-3pm Thursday-Monday

Out of water by 5pm
Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays


Upcoming Sea Kayak Trip

Canoe & Kayak Twilight Kayak Trip
5/22 Friday 5:30pm

CLASS- Seakayak Reentry
5/24 Sunday 1:30pm

Full Moon Kayak Trip
6/2 Tuesday 6:30pm
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Give the joy of being on the water.
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Parking at City Kayak

Rental Hour05 Street parking is nearby. $20 harbor parking permit is available at check-in.


Rent a Car Top Box

Car Top Box Add room in your car.
The roof top box is great for
winter trips(8 skis or 6 snowboards)
and summer vacations.

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South Beach Harbor(Pier 40)

Pier 40 is not next to Pier 39-Don’t go to Pier 39.

Even-numbered piers are south of the Ferry Building (at the foot of Market Street) and odd-numbered piers are located to the north.

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We Are Hiring

Job If interested in kayaking more, please see the open positions at the jobs page.
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Pacific Action Kayak Sail

We have a number of Pacific Action kayak sails for sale. Pick a breezy day to try sailing on a seakayak.


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