Full Moon Kayak Trip

    Paddle along the SF waterfront at full moon rise.

    Fullmoon Kayak Trip17

    You will enjoy scenic views of the bay, San Francisco cityscape, magnificent structures from the water. Our knowledgeable guide will take you through the world-class landmarks and hidden points of interest along the waterfront.

    Based on the condition and your paddling experience, we paddle to some of these destinations (but not all): Bay Bridge with the new Bay Lights, Cupid’s Span, Ferry Building, SF Fireboat house, McCovey Cove (AT&T Park), Lefty O’Doul Drawbridge.

    Prior paddling experience is recommended because we paddle into the dark hours. This is a leisurely paced kayak trip for adults. Youth under age 18 should paddle with an adult. This trip uses performance touring kayak with rudder. Participants should weigh between 80 lbs and 200 lbs.

    Common questions and answers to join a kayak trip for the participants can be found from  Right_arrow_buttonParticipant-Information.

    Landmarks Paddle Length Kayak Type Prerequisite Trip Time
    Bay Bridge,
    Cupid Span,
    Ferry Building,
    (McCovey Cove,
    Lefty O’Doul
    1.5-2 hours Performance
    near full moon
    Right_arrow_button“Full Moon Kayak Trip”


    See “Reserve Trip & Class” page. Choose “Full Moon Kayak Trip” and reserve your date and time.

    Youth includes from age 12 to 17 and students. Please bring qualifying IDs along with the reservation.

    Group discount applies for over 10 people. Please call us for availability and reservation.


    This kayak trip involves paddling in the dark. You need a prior kayaking experience in your life time. Recommended weight range is between 90lbs to 200lbs.

    Paddle Length

    You will be paddling 2 hours with guides.
    Typical itinerary is: check-in, trip briefing, gear up, paddle on the water, return, check-out.


    We provide all the paddling gear and stable touring kayak to keep you warm and comfortable. Double kayaks are used for beginners. Single kayaks are available to advanced paddlers. And dry jacket, spray skirt, life jacket, paddle, enclosed touring kayak, lights, pogies(paddle mittens).

    What to bring

    Change of clothes in case you get wet, shoes, warm hat(like a ski hat). Also recommended: dressing in layers, contact lens(better than prescription eye glasses), fast drying garment(polypropylene) rather than cotton material, carbonated water(reduces motion sickness).

    What to wear

    Active sports wear works best; TEVA water sandal, quick dry shirt and pants. Wind jackets are helpful. Avoid loose clothing, down-filled jacket, or dress shoes.

    Refund, Change, Cancellation Policy

    • INDIVIDUAL : 24 Hour Policy – You can change or cancel a reservation up to 24 hours before the event. You will receive money back after transaction fee(5%). Please call or email to ask for a refund. After which you will be charged up to $20 per person for change or cancellation.
    • GROUP : 7 Day Policy – You can change or cancel a reservation up to 7 days before the event. 20% daily deduction afterwards. After which you will be charged up to $20 per person for change or cancellation.


    You could get motion sickness if you are tired, hungry, hung over, or sensitive to motion sickness. One way to reduce symptoms of motion sickness is to eat ginger (ginger snaps work too) prior to the trip.


    You are encouraged to tip the guides if you feel they go above and beyond their duty. 15% gratuity is recommended.