KFOG’s Kaboom!

    Paddle to the biggest fireworks in the nation


    Watch one of the biggest fireworks in the nation on a kayak. You will have the best seat in the bay ahead of other boats.

    It is typical that by the time we settle in, the fireworks is about to begin. We will paddle to nearby places if there is extra time.

    Children are not allowed on this trip. We do not recommend this trip to those who can not swim or who has never paddled before. It can be overwhelming to be on dark water.

    Common questions and answers to join a kayak trip for the participants can be found from  Right_arrow_buttonParticipant-Information.


    See “Reserve Trip & Class” page. Choose “KFOG’s Kaboom!” and reserve your date and time.

    Youth includes from age 15 to 17 and student, military and veterans. Please bring qualifying IDs along with the reservation.

    If you buy online tickets, you will receive immediate confirmation via email.

    Paddle Length

    Typically this trip goes like the following: check-in, trip briefing, gear up, paddle to watch the fireworks and return to South Beach Harbor.


    This kayak trip involves paddling in the dark. You need a prior kayaking experience in your life time. Recommended weight range is between 90lbs to 200lbs.


    Enclosed double performance touring kayak, life jacket, paddle, spray skirt, dry jacket, pogies(paddle mittens for cold weather).
    Solo paddlers will double up in a double kayak.

    What to bring

    Change of clothes(layering is recommended), warm hat or cap, carbonated water(reduces motion sickness). Also, consider- towel, motion sickness remedy(if you are sensitive to motion sickness), contact lens(rather than prescription glasses), ski hat(if weather is cold), not bringing electronics or valuables.

    Also consider- waterproof camera to capture the world class scenery, carbonated water(gas reduces motin sickness), motion sickness medication(if you are sensitive to motion sickness), towel, extra pair of shoes, contact lens(rather than prescription glasses).

    And also, consider to bring FM radio(with waterproof bag).

    We provide a dry bag for your essentials. Please do not bring valuables.

    What to wear

    Active sports wear works best; TEVA water sandal, quick dry shirt and pants. Wind jackets are helpful. Avoid loose clothing, down-filled jacket, or dress shoes.

    Refund, Change, Cancellation Policy

    • INDIVIDUAL : 24 Hour Policy – You can change or cancel a reservation up to 24 hours before the event. You will receive money back after transaction fee(5%). Please call or email to ask for a refund. After which you will be charged up to $20 per person for change or cancellation.
    • GROUP : 7 Day Policy – You can change or cancel a reservation up to 7 days before the event. 20% daily deduction afterwards. After which you will be charged up to $20 per event for change or cancellation.


    You could get motion sickness if you are tired, hungry, hung over, or sensitive to motion sickness. One way to reduce symptoms of motion sickness is to eat ginger (ginger snaps work too) prior to the trip.


    You are encouraged to tip the guides if you feel they go above and beyond their duty. 15% gratuity is recommended.

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