Using Your Groupon deal


    How to redeem your vouchers
    Now you can book a Groupon deal on City Kayak website directly. Book your trip on the RESERVATION page using a code from your Groupon voucher. There are two different ways to reserve your seats based on when you bought the deal.

    If you bought the deal…
    before June 1st, 2015
    book a South Beach Kayak Trip
    using your voucher number
    (use 8 digit number
    leave out leading 0s and dash
    example: enter 12345, not 0001-2345)

    or use your Groupon number
    (use first 7 digits including a dash
    listed on the right bottom of your voucher
    example: 1234-AB)

    Your deal includes sales tax.

    after June 1st, 2015
    book an Intro to Kayaking
    using your voucher code
    (use 8 digits
    listed just below bar code on your voucher
    example: 12345678)

    *You will be asked to pay sales tax.

    Here are the steps in detail;

    1. Go to RESERVATION page on
    2. Click on Book Now button of your trip to find a Saturday or Sunday on the calendar.
    3. Select a trip time, number of adults, and click Next button.
    4. Enter your number or code in Discount Code field and click Apply.
    5. Complete the checkout process to receive a confirmation email. (You will need to pay sales tax if you bought the deal after June 1, 2015.) Then you are done.


    Things To Keep In Mind

    • Your voucher is good for weekend trips only.
    • You must book at least 7 days in advance.
    • You can book additional people, but you will be credited for the number of people on your voucher.
    • Sales tax and processing fees if charged are not refundable.
    • As long as you book before the expiration date, you can book on a trip past the expiration date(up to 3 months).
    • If you can not use the voucher or can not find a day to use the deal, please contact Groupon for a refund before the expiration date.
    • You can enter multiple codes, separated by a comma.


    On The Trip Day

    • Bring a map to the trip – Bring a printed map of City Kayak, so you don’t get lost. (Don’t go to Pier 39.) Plan on arriving 15 minutes before the event time. South Beach Harbor is a large area sprawling over two city blocks.
    • Bring a printed copy of your Groupon voucher code(8 digits). Or, better yet show us the “Redeem Now” button on your smartphone- you will click in and move on to start the kayak trip.


    Additional Information

    • When you check in we will go over choices of kayak- stable single or double kayaks are offered to you. (You will have more fun with a single kayak. A double kayak is used if a child or person with injury needs an assistance from you.)
    • Book early for the best time and date.
    • Each trip offers limited number of seats.
    • These trips are expected to be full, and we do not add more seats.
    • Avoid travel days- train and flight delays happen.



    • No substitution to rentals or other trips.
    • $10 processing fee applies if City Kayak assists in using your voucher or making a change.
    • $20 processing fee applies to cancel and reschedule if the event is within 24 hours.
    • Each person needs a voucher, regardless of age- age 17 and under needs to be accompanied by an adult.
    • Once your voucher expires, your paid value is what we can accept- you will need to pay the remaining amount and we can book you on to the same kayak trip you bought. We can not use the voucher for different services or products.