Launch Access

    Sorry, no public access during the World Series. For other days City Kayak offers launch access to public at no charge.

    Launch Access

    Please respect the following use guidelines;

    • Parking at the harbor is limited to customers only.
    • The gangway next to bike shop(Bike Hut) is the easiest way to put in.
    • Keep the foot traffic path, dock space, and access area clear.
    • Stay informed of changing condition and regulation of the bay.


    Other nearby put-in access locations

    • Mission Creek kayak launch
    • Public Boat Launch at Pier 52
    • Aquatic Park
    • Crissey Field



    • Each place has use, parking, and natural habitat regulations.
    • Check the tide, wind, weather and regulation before getting on the water.
    • Night kayaking in the bay requires 360 degree lighting with 1 mile visibility. Do not paddle alone at night.