Take Away Boats Rental

    Enjoy kayaking in your dream destination
    We provide everything so you can paddle in your favorite lake, river or San Francisco’s own Golden Gate Bridge. You can find many car top kits for most cars, kayaks, or SUPs. Paddle under the Golden Gate Bridge on your own, you need to have a car and check your ability, planning, and more details, so you can truly enjoy the experience as we have in the past.
    Also, we have roof rack accessories(car-top box, roof racks, carriers, etc…) and car-top-box so you can carry skis, camping gear, and more on your car. Car Accessories RentalClickHere

    If you have a small car, no worries. We have inflatable SUPs/tandem Kayaks in a bag- no car top kit needed.

    Reserve your boat from Resevation page. Choose an Overnight Take Away and pay deposit. You can call or email(Email-Icon info@citykayak.com) to inquire and we can try to accommodate your needs.

    • Due to the liability City Kayak staff will not tie kayaks on your car. You are solely responsible for securing the kayak.
    • Free pick up day (after 2pm), free return day (by noon).
    • Take-away rate will be calculated by 50% off second day, 75% off beyond. you can arrange your day.
    • Additional days after weekend rate: $10/single, $20/tandem.
    • Canoeing is not recommended on open water.
    • Ask for premium kayak(performance, fiberglass, carbon, surfski).



Boat + Accessories Package
Take Away Gear 06

Included Type Daily Weekend Weekly
Puffer 10’6″
Inflatable SUP
Inflatable SUP, PFD, paddle, drybag, pump Single $39 $59 $99
CASCADE™ 11’0″
Inflatable SUP
Inflatable SUP, PFD, paddle, drybag, pump Single $55 $82 $145
Performance SUP Performance SUP, PFD, paddle, drybag Single $67 $99 $185.50
Chelan HB XL Tandem
Inflatable Kayak
Inflatable kayak, PFD, paddle, drybag, pump Double $77 $115 $211
Sit-on-top Kayak Open Top Kayak, PFD, paddle, drybag Single $67 $99 $185.50
Double $85 $127 $232
Touring Kayak Touring Kayak, PFD, paddle, dry bag, paddling jacket or wetsuit, spray skirt, paddle float, bildge pump, sponge Single $77 $115 $211
Double $99 $148 $272
Canoe Canoe(rated up to 1,350lbs), PFD, paddle, drybag 3 person canoe $94 $141 $258

Inflatable SUP Kayak
Boat Only

Type Daily Weekend Weekly
Puffer 10’6″
Inflatable SUP
Single $35 $55 $90
CASCADE™ 11’0″
Inflatable SUP
Single $50 $77 $135
Performance SUP Single $59 $88.50 $163.50
Chelan HB XL Tandem
Inflatable Kayak
Double $65 $97.50 $178.75
Sit-on-top Kayak Single $59 $88.50 $163.50
Double $69 $103.50 $189.75
Touring Kayak Single $65 $97.50 $178.75
Double $75 $112.50 $206.25
Canoe Double(rated up to 1,350lbs) $78 $117 $214.50


Kayak/SUP Gear Single Item

The gear only is available to take-away, not renting a kayak/SUP.

Daily Weekend Weekly
Life jacket(PFD)
Dry jacket
Spray pants
Pogies(paddle mittens)
Dry Bag
$8 each $12 each $22 each
Turbo HP Pump 12V
HP capability up to 20psi (1,4 bar)
for Inflatable SUP/kayak
turbo-HP pump 150
$9 $16 $29