McCovey Cove Experience

    Catch a Splash Hit with your buddy and family

    McCovey Cove Kayak7
    Baseball fans flock to McCovey Cove for a chance to catch a Splash Hit. City Kayak made it easy for you to enjoy the experience.



    You can bring the printed confirmation, a Transaction ID number or show us the receipt on your smart phone.

    This package includes everything you need to enjoy being in McCovey Cove exprience.

    • Kayaking lesson
    • Rental of kayak (until 5pm)
    • Large kayak with comfortable seats
    • Life jacket, paddle
    • If you need, you can ask us for dry bag, paddling jacket, splash pants.

    We offer kayak rentals from South Beach Harbor, just next to AT&T Park. You can paddle to McCovey Cove in 10 minutes.

    Rental Duration

    Check-in starts 30 minutes before each game
    Last launch is 3pm
    Open until the end of game

    Open selected evening games starting after 6pm but generally no evening game.

    No Bottles Glass

    • No bottle or glass of beverage. Bring either can or plastic.
    • No alcohol


    Refund Policy

    • INDIVIDUAL : 24 Hour Policy – You can change or cancel a reservation anytime, but it is better to take care of a change as soon as possible. There is a $5 to $20 processing fee for changes or cancellation. A card transaction fee(3% to 5%) is not refundable. Please call or email to ask for a refund.
    • Group : 7 Day Policy -20% daily deduction applies within 7 days. Change or cancellation within 7 days will incur a surcharge depending on the severity. A change fee could be assessed based on the complexity. A card transaction fee(3% to 5%) is not refundable.


    Radio Rental

    McCovey Cove Experience
    City Kayak rents a shower radio at check-in. Radio rental flat rate is $9. It is strong splash hit but not a waterproof.


    We will recommend areas where you can explore beyond McCovey Cove.
    Bring a waterproof AM radio (KNBR 680hz), hat, and layers of clothing.
    California DUI Law applies on the water (same as the driving a vehicle- 0.08% BAC).

    McCovey Cove Safe Boating Regulations by Port of SF
    Kayaks, canoes, board and rafts within the “No Motor Zone

    • Only human propelled vessels are allowed within this zone.
    • Vessels less than 16 ft long, and all canoes & kayaks, regardless of length, MUST have at least one life jacket for every person aboard.
    • Vessels over 16 ft (except canoes and kayaks), must also have a Type IV throwable flotation device.
    • Navigation lights are required between sunset and sunrise. Vessels under 23 feet MUST have at least a flashlight or lighted lantern with which to signal to avoid collision, and to indicate distress.

    All vessels must follow the Rules of the Road and obey the California boating laws.