Monthly Membership

    Go Kayaking Each Month.

    Monthly Kayaking Membership

    You can choose to paddle just one hour per month or more. It costs just $9 per month to start.


      1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours
      1 Month $9 $15 $18 $20



    Automatic payment takes care of monthly charge.

    Monthly Membership Option
    Contact Name, Phone Number



    • You must have rented or taken a trip within 30 days to be able to join.
    • Minimum period is one year.
    • Only 1 usage(1 day) per month.
    • Must comply with all safety restrictions, or forfeit the pass.
    • No refund or transfer to another person.
    • Must sign up through Paypal subscription account.
    • Cancellation is done through Paypal.