3 Month Pass Kayaking

    3 Month pass offers a lot of paddling opportunities.

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    3 Month pass program offers a lot of paddling opportunities. You could get a great fitness workout on the beautiful San Francisco waterfront. You can paddle everyday we are open for rental. Now, 3 month pass holders may paddle beyond public rental hours.

    Also, the 3 Month pass program encourages you to improve skills. There are significant discount on trips, classes and clinics. So, it is a great opportunity to get better at kayaking in variety of topics.

    You can purchase the 3 Month pass at the shop. We will add you on our season pass holder roster, so you don’t need to carry anything. You will need to check in every time you paddle with us.


    • Paddle 2 hours per day kayak and gear rental during the period.
    • Kayak and gear rental included.
    • Available during open hours.
    • Extra hours for pass holders.
    • 20% discount offered for guests of season pass holder.
    • Receive $40 credit towards any trips, classes, or events.



    • Purchase date is the start date.
    • Can not guarantee availability during peak hours.
    • Must comply with all safety restrictions, or forfeit the pass.
    • Cancellation is done over the phone, email or in person.
    • No refund or transfer to another person.



    Kayak Type 3 Months Details
    Sit-on-top Kayak/
    Single $154 * Weekday access only
    Two People $256
    Student* $77
    Polymer Seakayak Single $199 Requires re-entry skills.
    Composite kayaks not included.
    Two People $338
    Premium SeaKayak Single $299 Requires re-entry skills.
    Composite kayaks not included.
    Two People $508
    Surfski Single $299 Require re-entry skills or taking an Intro to Surfski class.
    Canoe Two People $345 Requires re-entry skills.