Kayak Rental Policy

    City Kayak is located in San Francisco with immediate access to San Francisco Bay, McCovey Cove, Mission Creek. You can enjoy paddling with dramatic waterfront views of the Bay Bridge, San Francisco Downtown and Ball Park. Our stable and comfortable kayaks make your outing fun every time also.

    Try renting a kayak or stand up paddleboard(SUP) and go for a paddle. We will show you how and recommend where to go and what to see (based on your capability and condition of the day).
    Renting a kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board(SUP) at City Kayak

      Rental Hour05 Walk-in to City Kayak office inside South Beach Harbor(40 Pier) building. We are all the way back on left.
      Rental Hour Check-in.
      Sign on liability waiver, hold on a credit card for deposit.
      Gear up and instruction from office.
      Rental Hour03 Go down the City Kayak dock to get a boat.
      Rental Hour 06 Happy paddling!
      Check out at the office and payment after paddling.


    Suggestions For Beginners

    • Come in early in the morning. There is no wind, and beginners will have the best time.
    • Be prepared for an outdoor activity. Wear sun protection and clothes that you won’t mind getting wet. Board shorts and quick dry t-shirt works well.
    • Come with a friend. If you are not sure about you and your friend’s paddling ability, join a guided trip or rental session. It includes everything for a great first day in kayaking or SUP paddle. View trips from “RESERVATION” page ClickHere


    Hiring a Guide

    • Kayak or SUP guide: $80/hr
    • Minimum $140 per trip


    Boating Rules and Practices

    Rules and etiquette apply to all boats, including kayaks and SUPs. Learn them before heading out on the water. They could save the day.

    • Larger boats have Right of Way. Show your intentions by pointing your kayak or SUP away if you intend to wait.
    • Keep away from blind spot, high traffic area, visibly moving water, landing dock, large boats. Avoid small and narrow space.
    • Stay on one side- right side of a channel. Kayakers and paddle boarders may use hard structure side, like seawall or building.
    • Paddle into approaching boat wakes or waves. Increasing paddle cadence helps maintaining stability.

    After Hour Kayaking

    • Early morning or late evening paddling is available with full day rental and advance reservation.
    • You must check in before closing to be briefed about your experience. Equipments will be fitted and arranged for storage overnight.


    Cleaning Fee

    If excessive cleaning is needed, City Kayak may charge a fee; $20 per hour or $4 per item (whichever is greater).


    For your convenience we accept cash, bank debit card and major credit cards.


    • No reservations needed. Walk-ins are welcome.
    • First come first served.
    • Reservation recommended for group over 10 people. Discount applies with advance reservations.


    Refund, Change, Cancellation

    • 7 Day Policy -20% daily deduction applies within 7 days. Change or cancellation could incur a surcharge or transaction fee depending on the severity or complexity. No refund is given within 24 hours.


    Rain or Stormy Conditions

    A rain or wind forecast does not necessarily cancel an event or a reservation because local condition is different by each district in San Francisco. However, we usually cancel an event if there is the following conditions on National Weather Service( at zip code 94107):

    • Over 10% chance of “rain”
    • Over 30% of “shower”

    Please call or email if you have questions about the weather. If cancelled, we can

    • Reschedule the event to another day
    • Give you a store credit
    • Give you a refund minus 3%-5% transaction fee

    A discount voucher can only be rescheduled to another day with the same promotions and conditions.



    • We provide stable sit-on-top kayaks or SUP for rental customers. If you have a reentry certification, we can offer you a sea touring kayak rental.
    • Rental area is limited; tidal condition, paddler’s ability, wind, weather, security regulation, and boat traffic will determine boundaries.
    • Each person must wear a life jacket at all times.
    • Each person must be in good health. Pregnancy, injury from past, vision or hearing impairment, motion sickness, hangover will increase risks and restrict boundaries.
    • Each child (under age 14) should be with a guardian on a double kayak. Youth under 18 needs a paddling buddy and guardian’s signature on a waiver form.
    • No alcohol is allowed. DUI regulation(0.08%) is enforced by marine police.
    • If you are planing to visit sensitive landmarks (bridges, shipping channels), you need to be aware of regulations. US Coast Guard updates safety and security warnings weekly. Click on Local Notice to Mariners (LNM) ClickHere


    Liability Waiver
    You can download Rental and Youth Liablility Waivers.