Learn how to reenter a kayak


    Enclosed sea touring kayaks are faster than sit-on-top kayaks. Also, you tend to stay drier. In many ways touring kayaks allow for longer trips and let you enjoy paddling during any season of the year.

    However, these kayaks can also be difficult to get back into if you capsize.

    To paddle these sea kayaks you should learn and practice multiple re-entry methods. The more skills you have under your belt, the faster you will be back in the kayak and out of the water.

    You will see an instructor’s demo, get valuable tips, practice on the ground, and then practice in the water. By the end of the clinic you should have completed multiple re-entries and be able to get back in a sea touring kayak within two minutes.

    You will learn

    Paddle float self-rescue, assisted T-rescue, and other reentry methods


    See “Reserve Trip & Class” page. Choose “CLASS Reentry 301” and reserve your date and time.


    12 year and older can join this class


    South Beach Harbor


    Selected weekend afternoons (3 hours)