Advanced Strokes 203

    Learn powerful paddle strokes and efficient maneuvers

    Advanced Paddle Strokes 203

    If you paddle long trips or races, you should know how to paddle correctly. By using proper torso rotation you can develop powerful and efficient paddle strokes.

    More techniques for fast turns, handling wind, and maneuvering sea kayaks will be practiced.

    You will get an instruction, paddle with an instructor, and review the progress on a video.

    You will learn

    Powerful forward strokes, proper turning strokes and reverse, sculling, bow rudder, brace techniques


    See “Reserve Trip & Class” page. Choose “CLASS Advanced Strokes 203” and reserve your date and time.


    12 year and older can join this class


    South Beach Harbor


    Selected weekends (3 hours)


    We provide a kayak and all the gear.