JIMMY STYKS 10’6″ Puffer Inflatable SUP

JIMMY Inflatable SUP
Do you want to participate in the fast-growing sport of stand-up paddleboarding, but don’t have room to store or transport a 10′ long or longer board? Then an inflatable SUP is for you. With a deflated footprint about the size of a large duffle bag, the Puffer makes a great choice for camping, boating or just riders who own compact vehicles. Once fully inflated, it’s nearly as rigid as an epoxy board with its drop-stitch technology. Includes a nonslip deck pad with a bungee tiedown on the front and rear D-ring attachment point for securing extra gear.


  • Application: Inflatable SUP
  • Shape: Wide, straight shape and extra thick
  • Construction: Drop-stitched vinyl PVC
  • Characteristics: Stable ride in a variety of water conditions


  • Length: 10′ 6″
  • Width: 30″
  • Weight: 24.5 lbs.
  • Fins: Single fin
  • Dimensions: 10’6″L x 30″W x 5 7/8″D
  • Rocker: Nose: 4″; Tail: n/a
  • Maximum Weight: Novice rider: up to 270lb.

Included Accessories

    Aluminum three-piece adjustable paddle, fin, high-pressure hand pump with hose, pressure gauge, repair kit, valve wrench, board tote, leash