Ace-Tec 11.6

The ACE-TEC SUP is for sale.
ACE-TEC is the ideal material for SUPs. A composite of a polystyrene core covered with glass fibre and epoxy followed by a thermoformed finishing coat results in light weight boards that are rigid and highly knock-resistant. Premium quality without the premium price ! These three boards are shaped for versatility, equally efficient in small waves and on the flat, delivering superb glide and excellent manoeuvrability.
The 11’6’’ ACE-TEC SUP is an ideal all-around SUP for novice riders up to 260lbs/120kg and will perform in the surf zone for more advanced paddlers up to 300lbs. Its substantial volume and width offer excellent lateral stability without compromising performance. Volume is evenly spread throughout the board and its finely balanced rocker and longboard-style outline make it easy to handle in flatwater conditions without reducing agility in the surf zone. The 11’6’’ is also a great choice for families looking to bring along the kids or pets. New ERGO-GRIP carry handle =Easier Transport + Less Fatigue!
ACE TEC is a light composite that gives the board excellent stiffness and the best of glide on the water, at an affordable price. This technology which is exclusive to BIC Sport allows for the original shape to be reproduced faithfully on all production boards. ACE TEC provides a huge advantage over polyester and epoxy sandwich: it is its excellent resistance to shocks, provided by its fine coating skin made out of polymer materials that protect it. A shock against a rock will leave just the slightest of marks on the skin of an ACE-TEC SUP board, whereas it would certainly leave a hole in a polyester or epoxy sandwich board.

  • Perfect for large paddlers
  • Perfect for cruising on flatwater
  • Board combines durability and performance
  • Ergo-grip Handle
  • Diamond groove handle
  • EPS foam core wrapped with an epoxy resin/fiberglass cloth
  • Multiaxial fiberglass cloth distributes weight in multiple directions
  • Padded deck supplies reliable wax-free traction
  • Integrated carry handle on deck


  • Length: 11’6″ / 350 cm
  • Width: 32.5″ / 82 cm
  • Weight: 30 Lbs / 13.5 Kg
  • Volume: 215 L
  • Fin: FCS Dolphin 10″
  • Shaper: Peter Hosking
  • Max Capacity: 260lbs/120kg