Top 10 Questions

    Q : Where is City Kayak located?
    A : City Kayak is located in South Beach Harbor in San Francisco, next to AT&T Park. The shop is inside the Pier 40 building.
    Don’t go to Pier 39. A common misconception— Pier 40 is not next to Pier 39. Even-numbered piers are south of the Ferry Building and odd-numbered piers are located to the north.

    Q : How can I get to City Kayak using public transportation?
    A : Right_arrow_buttonSee “About Us-Public Transit”

    Q : Where can I park?
    A : On most days $10 ~ $20 day parking permit is available at check in. Parking lot may be full, or permit may not be available on special event days, like All Star Games.
    On a game day or when the harbor parking is full, you can park on the streets or paid parking lot nearby. Pier 30 and 1 Bryant street parking lots are the nearest locations(1.5 block away).

    Q : What should I wear or bring?
    A : RECOMMEND active sports wear; like TEVA water sandal, quick dry shirt and pants, board shorts. Wind jackets are helpful in the afternoon.

    AVOID loose clothing, down-filled jacket, or dress shoes. Old shoes with heal-cushion works better than flip flops, because your feet are resting on the floor.

    Also, consider bringing;

    • For Day Kayak Trip – Change of clothes and shoes, bottled water, sun block, sunglasses, hat or cap, waterproof camera
    • For Evening Kayak Trip – headlamp, change of clothes and shoes, warm hat
    • For Giants Game – Waterproof shower radio (AM 680kHz, KNBR)


    Q : Which kind of gear does City Kayak provide?
    A : City Kayak provides to ;

    • For rental customers : sit-on-top kayak, life jacket(PFD), paddle, dry bag, wetsuit or paddling jacket and splash pants
    • For trip customers : seatouring kayak, life jacket(PFD), paddle, dry bag, wetsuit or paddling jacket, spray skirts, pogies(paddle mittens)


    Q : I want to try renting a kayak for the first time. Any recommendations for rental customers?
    A : Renting a kayak works well if you have a buddy or group of people. If you are alone you should join a trip which includes a guide, so you are paddling in a group setting. You will have more fun and learn valuable skills throughout the trip.
    If renting alone still, opening hour is the best time for beginners. The weather is usually nice and calm. You get extra attention and free basic lesson. All the kayaks are available, so you have the best choice in kayak also. Casual paddlers explore the easy course(South Beach Harbor, McCovey Cove and Mission Creek)- additional courses may be available based on paddler’s ability.

    Q : I am sensitive to motion sickness. Any recommendations?
    A : You should take a preventive (prescription) patch, Dramamine(over the counter), or ginger(often served with sushi).
    It is good for you to have sparkling water, antihistamine, good meal hours before.
    Also it is better to avoid being hungover, empty stomach, sitting idle on the water.

    Q : Can I leave my belongings at City Kayak?
    A : We provide check-in service and cubicles for your belongings. Your flight baggage and laptops can be secured in our office. We provide a waterproof dry bag, so you can carry your phone and electronics.

    Q : What is considered “proof” of re-entry skills for renting a seatouring kayak?
    A : To rent a seatouring kayak, we require a proof of re-entry skills. If you have a certificate of re-entry that is still valid, we accept it as a proof. If you don’t have one or it has expired, we have a 2 minute written test you can take instead.

    Q : People have told me Stand Up Paddle Board(SUP) is not possible in San Francisco bay, but I see you rent them. What is your advice for the paddle boarders?
    A : Yes, we do rent SUP. The paddling route depends on your skill and conditions at the time of rental. We recommend that beginners come in early when there is no wind. You can practice in protected areas. Once you build strong paddling skills, you can explore the large open space in the bay.


More Q&As

    Q : Is it possible to reserve a rental ahead of time? Do you run out of kayaks on the weekends?
    A : For most people walk-in rental works fine. We do take reservations for a group over 10 people. We offer a discount when you make a reservation. If you have a specific need, we take a reservation also. You will pay in full with a credit card. We do have plenty of kayaks(over 70) ready to go on the water and more in reserve(100 plus) back at the shop.

    Q : Can I buy a gift certificate?
    A : Yes, you can buy a gift certificate online. Please go to Reservation page and follow the “Buy Gift Card” button.

    Q : Do you allow a dog on a kayak?
    A : Yes, you can take a dog on the kayak. We rent life jackets for $8 each in size small, medium, large and XL.

    Q : Starting at what age are children allowed to kayak?
    A : We have life jackets for any ages including infants. Age 6 and over may be able to paddle, but a guardian must be on the same boat with the child. Age 11 and over may be able to paddle a single kayak- a guardian must be on the water with the child.

    Q : Do you have a changing room?
    A : We have two changing booths at the shop. There are five booths at the harbor office building.