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    CBS Amazing Race
    Season 30 Finale
    February 21, 2018

    It’s Just a Million Dollars, No Pressure

    Bay Nature Kayaking 980x 7X7 Magazine
    Resting Your Sea Legs
    April 3, 2017

    A local mecca for all things water-related, City Kayak is one of the best places in the Bay Area to try out kayaking.

    The Ultimate Guide to Kayaking with Kids
    March 28, 2017

    … and have life jackets for infants… You can even bring the family dog along for the ride!

    Kayaking San Francisco Bay Bridge Sunset Magazine
    Best San Francisco Paddling Adventures
    … with cargo ships the size of big- box stores charging under the Bay Bridge, gives you a whole new respect for San Francisco Bay.
    CityGuide2015SanFranciscoMag City Guide 2015
    Explore & Experience
    January 2015
    … San Francisco and the bay area offer new vistas at every turn.
    tripadvisor Trip Advisor
    Recommended on tripadvisor.com
    The Outdoor Enthusiast San Francisco Travel
    The Outdoor Enthusiast
    October 2014
    Marvel at sea life up close during a guided kayak tour of the Bay, including McCovey Cove…
    whereSF2015 Where Magazine
    Six Ways To Get Active in San Francisco
    January 2014
    You’ll get spectacular views of the skyline, and you’re likely to encounter some wildlife as well…
    Canoe & Kayak Canoe & Kayak
    5 Top Fireworks Floats for the 4th
    July 3, 2013

    Hopefully you’ll leave your heart, and not your hearing, in San Francisco with a paddling tour under its magnificent fireworks show…

    The Huffington Post The Huffington Post
    Fourth of July! Who Celebrates It Best? East vs. West July 2013

    While watching the fireworks from a boat can be incredibly romantic, watching them from a Kayak brings a whole new level of exhilaration….

    MJ_Approved_Transparent_240px Men’s Journal Magazine
    MJ Approved: Adventure
    Baseball From the Bay March 2013

    …Paddlers of all kinds, some even armed with nets, compete for those rare prizes (there have been 62 to date),…

    LiveWellNetwork_Motion_Sunset_Kayaking Live Well Network
    Episode San Francisco January 2013

    Combination of energy, pulse of the city mixed with the serenity of being on this calm water and floating around is completely one of a kind experience.

    visablackcard Black Card Magazine
    Winter Edition 2012
    Light Up The Night

    Midnight fireworks on the San Francisco waterfront mean postcard skyline and bay and bridge views made even more eye-popping by pyrotechnics…

    sunset-cover-jun12-m Sunset Magazine
    Inside Bay Area
    Lisa Trottier, June 2012

    … venture out to nearby McCovey Cove to catch wall clearers at the Giants game, or skirt the Embarcadero north to the Ferry Building…

    city kayak san francisco youth kayaking 4 San Francisco Chronicle
    Family Paddle at City Kayak
    Mary Ellen Hunt, August 15, 2012

    … for moms and dads who want to go on manageable excursions that are comfortable even for beginners and younger kids…

    fireworks_san_francisco_mens_journal_2011 Mens Journal
    The Anti-New Year’s Eve
    Nicole Alper, December 2011

    … paddles under the Bay Bridge and past the glowing art-deco Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill before resting for pyrotechnics …

    best_of_SF_2011 SF WEEKLY
    Best of San Francisco 2011

    It’s 15 seconds of fame, and endless bragging rights- a Giant’s baseball sails across the field and into your glove …

    california_tourism_board_logo visitcalifornia.com
    Official site of California Travel & Tourism Commission
    Explore San Francisco’s Watery Soul by Kayak

    …there’s no more intimate way to explore this defining ecosystem, and enjoy stellar city views, than by kayak.

    only_in_san_francisco_logo onlyinsanfrancisco.com
    Official site of San Francisco Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
    WHAT TO DO: Sports & Recreation

    Explore San Francisco Bay in a kayak…

    New York Times New York Times
    36 Hours
    Jesse McKinley, May 12, 2011

    …San Francisco Giants, World Series champs, brought new energy and new monuments. …

    Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times
    Giants fans party like it’s Marti Gras in a little water park
    Jesse McKinley, May 12, 2011

    … full of kids-at-Christmas smiles and all manner of flotsam and personal watercraft. …

    San Francisco Chronicle San Francisco Chronicle
    Clouds hold off as New Year arrives
    John King, January 1, 2010

    … drift as close to the barges as possible…

    National_Geographic_Adventure National Geographic Adventure
    Urban Kayaking
    Catherine Price, June/July 2009

    … chances are you’ve seen at least one stranger navigating your metropolis in a kayak and wondered…

    LA_times_kayaking_san_francisco Los Angeles Times | Travel
    Kayaking around the San Francisco Bay Area Paul McHugh, 5/15/2009

    … No matter how often you immerse yourself in the bay’s charms, you’ll never wear out its options…

    The guardian The Guardian, UK
    Top 100 City Tips
    City guide: Tours by Jeremy Morton
    November 8, 2008

    …three seals living near the bridge have been known to give dawdlers a gentle push with their noses.

    Outside Magazine Outside Magazine
    Going Deep
    October 2007
    …bottom of the ninth, tying run on deck, and the soon-to-be most successful home-run hitter in history at the plate…
    ABC News
    Bonds Navy
    August 2007

    Boater’s Scramble to catch Barry’s Balls

    Via_magazine, AAA Travelers Companion Via Magazine, AAA Traveler’s Companion
    San Francisco’s South Beach
    June/July 2007

    Long home runs splash-land in the bay, and you can try to catch one… at City Kayak.

    Sierra_Magazine-Cover Sierra Magazine
    At Sea Level
    May/June 2007

    …San Francisco Bay is a paddler’s paradise too. Favorite spots include the city’s busy waterfront…

    The Sunday Times The Sunday Times, UK
    The backseat driver’s guide to San Francisco
    December 17, 2006

    …if you fancy the three-hour adventure out to Alcatraz, you’ll need to do nine whole press-ups to prove that you haven’t got bingo wings.

    ESPN ESPN.com
    McCovey Cove regulars await chance…

    …the Cove will become safe harbor to a bizarre armada.

    whereSFdecembercover2006_130w Where, San Francisco
    Ring in the New Year, December 2006

    … gaze at fireworks in duplicate as the glittering bursts are reflected in the bay.

    National_Geographic_cover_130x162 National Geographic, Adventure
    Play-by-Bay, October 2006

    … paddle to one of four within-city-limits bay islands…

    AirTran_Cover_Aug06 AirTrans Airways
    On The Waterfront, May 2006

    … Paddle out for a different view…

    SFweekly_best_of_cover-2006_240 SF Weekly
    Best of… 2006

    … You’ll literally feel the vibrations from the explosions in the base of your boat…

    SF_Chronicle_McCovey_Cove_kayak_giants_240w_158h San Francisco Chronicle
    April 6, 2006

    … make sure you tell the little ones to keep their eyes peeled — you never know when Bonds or another Sultan of Swat may send one your way.

    whereSFaprilcover where SF
    April 1, 2006

    … soaking in the sights and sound of the national pastime from a kayak…

    nytimes_penguin_240w The New York Times
    March 3, 2006

    … soaking in the sights and sound of the national pastime from a kayak…

    2005_december__12_sports_illustrated_cover_160h Sports Illustrated
    December 2005

    …gift for sports fan…

    sfweekly_best_of_160h SF Weekly
    Best of 2005

    … everyone knows that the best means to see the sun drop out of sight is to gaze out over the ocean and admire the reflection on the water…

    USNEWS_sitewide_logo U.S. New & World
    Ins & Outs: San Francisco, June 25, 2005

    … since the city is only 49 square miles, a car isn’t necessary. In fact, there are lots of fun, nondriving ways to see the city…

    Travel Leisure Travel + Leisure
    50 Great American Adventures, April 2005

    … unique views of the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island…

    Attache US Airway inflight magazine Attache US Airways inflight magazine
    Sporting: Night Moves, Mar 2005

    Kayaking after dark on san francisco bay proves to be more than a pleasant evening out…

    San Francisco Bay Guardian San Francisco Bay Guardian
    Best of the Bay 2004, Outdoors

    …the effervescent bay water hugging the edges of the city, with its jagged, alluring profile.

    Americanway_cover_160h American Way American Airline inflight magazine
    Two if by Sea, October 2004

    …paddling the bay is like seeing a famous postcard from the water…

    Outsidemag_apr2005_toc Outside
    Paddle to… SBC Park, September 2004

    …Hot dogs are up to you.

    The New York Times The New York Times
    Barry Bonds Floats Their Boats…, September 6, 2004

    …McCovey Cove… is the home to the most loyal fan club that Barry will ever find.

    san_francisco_magazine_best_c San Francisco Magazine
    Best of the Bay Area, July 2004

    … skimming under the Bay Bridge for oooh-aaah views of the downtown skiline…

    Sunset Sunset
    Best of the West, April 2004

    …You’ll love the seal’s-eye view of the park…

    The Miami Herald The Miami Herald
    Paddle Me This, February 15, 2004

    … From its South Beach location, a number of sights are within a 30-minute paddle…

    San Francisco Weeky San Francisco Weekly
    Floating into the Netherworld, February 11, 2004

    … it looks like a backdrop for a Broadway musical…

    The New York Times 2 The New York Times
    For the Sports-minded, Sight Seeing on the Bay, January 18, 2004

    …makes it easier for sporty visitors to explore the city’s shoreline by kayak…


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